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Your resource guide to switching broadband provider using a Migration Authorisation Code

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Get a MAC and switch Internet Provider

A Migration Authorisation Code or “MAC” is a 16-18 digit code made up of letters and numbers.

It is provided by your current broadband supplier and allows a new supplier to put their broadband on your line without any interruption to service.

Read our guide about MAC codes , look up your current ISP for the contact details to obtain your MAC, and then search our ISP list to decide which new provider to switch to.

Mac Codes Explained

What  a Mac code does.......

A Migration Authorisation Code or MAC is a unique code which identifies a particular line and enables customers to switch internet service providers smoothly and with minimal disruption.

Once you decide you want to switch broadband provider you ask your ISP for a MAC code.


Switch Provider

Our guide to the ISP’s

Use the links below to find the best deals available. By submitting your MAC code to your new provider, they will switch your broadband seamlessly and cancel your old service.

Typically, the best deals on broadband are available when you also switch your phone service at the same time.


Request a Mac

From your current supplier

To request a MAC code you need to call your broadband providers. Please see the broadband providers contact telephone opposite.

You don’t have to be afraid to request MAC code as your broadband provider must supply you the MAC code within 5 days according to the UK law.